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Our Story...

We are a small business situated in London which buys broken iPhones and fixes them for you at a reasonably low price. We also have a blog page where we talk about the recent changes and rumours in the upcoming iPhones. I urge anyone interested in them to take some time to read through the short but concise blogs. If you have any questions or want to sell us one of your broken iPhones please contact us on the “Contact Us” page and we will reply in less than 24h.

Thanks a lot for looking and have a great day!

Lucas Bouvier

Managing Director

I am a young business man who is trying to make a nice small business from iPhones. I started this business on the 22 of August 2016 because I realised that eBay (where I was selling iPhones before) has so many people trying to scam you. Therefore, there is a very high chance that you will receive an item which is a defect or simply none at all. This is why i wanted to make this website, to hopefully in time get people to trust me and still buy iPhones at a cheaper price than eBay itself, here.