Part 2: How to check if an iPhone 6s is fake

by | Sep 10, 2016 | Real Vs Fake | 0 comments

  • As for any iPhone, if it is considerably cheaper than the original retail, apple price, there is a high chance that it is a fake. Use the following steps to check if it is real or not.
  • The fingerprint scanner on the fake will seem to work however, it works for any fingerprint. To check if your phone is fake this way, ask a friend to try and unlock the phone. If they can unlock it, it is a fake.
  • If you open up the app store, instead of it taking you there, it will take you to google play as the phone is running an older android software.
  • While using the camera, try and use the slow motion option or time lapse. On the fake these options won’t be available.


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