What will the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus actually have?

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  • There will actually be an iPhone 7 (4.7-inch) and iPhone 7 Plus (5.5-inch
  • The designs will be in silver, gold and rose gold finishes.
  • The iPhone 7 is now splash and dust resistant.
  • The home button is no longer there. Instead, the button is now connected solidly to the screen. The touch ID is now activated with pressure and is much quicker than before.
  • On the iPhone 7, the rear camera is now a 12MP camera. The camera also has optical image stabilisation. The front has a 7MP camera.
  • On the iPhone 7 Plus the rear camera is also 12MP, however it has a two lens system. Look at my two lens blog for more information.
  • The iPhone is now 2x louder than the iPhone 6s with a new stereo system.
  • Fully wireless AirPods are included with both the iPhones. Connect to siri by simply tapping on them twice and they connect when you put them in your ears.
  • Only 15min of charging equals 3 hours of charge.
  • The 3.5mm headphone jack is no longer on this iPhone. The music output will be from the lightning port.
  • The iPhone 7 is being sold at 599 pounds with 32GB.
  • The iPhone 7 Plus is being sold at 719 pounds with 32GB.
  • I hope this helped you in choosing whether you want the new iPhone or not!
  • If you have any questions feel free to ask me!


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