Part 1: How to check if the iPhone 6 is fake

by | Sep 6, 2016 | Real Vs Fake | 0 comments


  • This is simple common knowledge but many people don’t think of this. If the price is much lower than the retail price the phone is probably a fake! If you see this use the next few differences to see if you are very lucky or not.
  • As only Apple devices run iOS, the fake iPhone will be running an older version of android. This would mean if there is a bit of lag just after opening it is probably a fake.
  • Depending on which fake you buy, if the phone is wrapped or if there is Chinese writing it is fake.
  • The box is also very different so take a look at a real one and look for differences.
  • If you are still unsure until now take a look on the Apple store for iPhone 6 pictures and see if your phone is identical.
  • Hope this helped!!

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